Android Studio is Slow: How to Make Android Studio Fast

Android Studio is one of the powerful IDE for android application development. It is based on IntelliJ IDEA. Android Studio have lots of features like flexible gradle-based build system, rich layout editor with support for drag and drop design, direct sharing project to GitHub, build various and multiple apk file generator and lot more. Android Studio project files are managed systematically. But one of the big problems for android developers is, it sometime runs slowly.

In this article I am going to show how to make your android studio run faster and faster. There are lots of ways to make android studio fast but here I have explained some important among them.

How to Speed Up Android Studio

Just follow some tips to speed up your android studio.

Enable Offline Work:


In android studio, you can enable offline work to make android studio run faster. To enable offline in android studio, just follow following steps:

Step 1: Open your Android Studio, Go to file >> settings or simply press ctrl + alt + s, new window appears there which looks like this.

Android Studio Setting

Step 2: From side menu, click Gradle and check Offline work under Global Gradle setting and hit OK button, file >> settings >> Gradle.

Android Studio Setting- Gradle

Step 3: Again, Go to file >> setting and click Compiler from side menu and then type --offline in the command-line options box and hit OK button like this:

Android Studio Setting- Compiler

Note: After Completing these all ways you should restart your Android Studio.

Improve Gradle Performance


After opening android studio, open gradle.properties file from right side of android studio and add the following two lines.

Look at this screenshot to add these two lines in gradle.properties file:

Note: After Completing these all ways, you should restart your Android Studio.

Android Studio Setting- gradle.properties file

Use Real Device to Compile Android Project

We all know that we should always test our application on a real device before releasing any application. If you use real device instead of android emulator any time (running, debugging, and testing your applications) if possible, that helps you to run your project fast and Android Studio too.

If you are unable to use real device, don’t use android default emulator as that makes your android studio slow. Instead of using default emulator, I recommend you to use Genymotion Android Emulator. Genymotion is one of the popular android emulators and this runs fast and smooth.

If you have any other ways to speed up android studio, feel free to post your answer in the comment box.
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