Best Navigation Drawer Libraries for Android Project

A lot of android applications like Google +, Facebook, Gmail, YouTube already introduced sliding menu/navigation drawer in their application. And most of them used navigation drawer in left side of app but some application have used in right and other also. Here I have collected some Android Navigation Drawer Libraries.

There are a lot of third party android navigation drawer library available in the internet and I have mentioned some useful and most popular libraries here. You can choose any of them for your project.

Android Navigation Drawer View: Material Design Support Library
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Android Navigation Drawer Libraries

Following are the best navigation drawer libraries for android.

1. Material Drawer by Milk Penz

This is flexible, easy to use, all in one drawer library for your android project. This library has a header with profile, a mini drawer for tablets, provides custom drawer items custom colors, customs themes, etc.

Android Material Drawer Dark Color by Milk Penz

Get Material Drawer on GitHub

2. Navigation Drawer-Material Design by Rudson Lima

This library also has a header with profile, different color option, removable header profile.

Android Navigation Drawer-Material Design
Navigation Drawer-Material Design by Rudson Lima

Get Navigation Drawer-Material Design on GitHub

3. Side Navigation by Evgeny Shishkin

Side Navigation library is simple and easy to use in your android project. This library is compatible from Android 1.6 (API 4).

Get Side Navigation on GitHub

4. Material Navigation Drawer by Neokree

This Navigation Drawer library requires 10+ API and android support v7.

Get Material Navigation Drawer on GitHub

5. Actions Content View by Steven Rudenko

Get Actions Content View on GitHub
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