Android WebView Tutorial with Example

Android WebView allows you to convert a web page to your android application either by viewing URL or your own HTML markup page. Android webview tutorial is divided into different parts and from these android web view tutorials, you will learn to load any web page in android app, convert HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, etc pages into android app. Not only that, I will also show how to convert custom website designed using bootstrap (popular web design framework) to android app.

Android WebView Tutorial with Example

Simple Android WebView Example and Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to display any existing web page inside your android application. By default, JavaScript is disabled in android WebView, so you will also learn to enable JavaScript and also to handle link clicks. [View Full Tutorial]

How to Load HTML Data/String on Android WebView Application

Android WebView also allows you to load html string. You can also load css, jquery, javascript, etc in WebView. This tutorial will teach you to load HTML string in your android web view application and in the same way, you can use css, jquery and javascript also. [View Full Tutorial]

Implementing Navigation Back Feature to Android WebView Application

Navigation back feature is disabled in android WebView by default. You can enable it by Overriding onKeyDown method. After practice with this example, you will be able to implement navigation back feature in your android web view application. [View Full Tutorial]

How to Embed YouTube Video in Android WebView

Above Simple Android WebView Example allow you to display full YouTube website in android application. If you need a specific YouTube video in your android app  you need to embed YouTube video. So, this tutorial shows you to embed and play YouTube video in android WebView.  [View Full Tutorial]

Android Sliding Menu with WebView

This tutorial teaches you to implement navigation drawer view in android WebView application. You can easily add sliding menu in WebView app using android navigation view design support library. [View Full Tutorial]

How to Convert Custom Website Design by Using Bootstrap into Android Application

In this tutorial you will learn to convert custom designed website into android application. If you are familiar to bootstrap or other web framework you can convert any custom designed web page into android app. [View Full Tutorial]
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