Android Custom SeekBar Example

SeekBar is the extension of ProgressBar in android. In this tutorial, I am going to show how to customize android SeekBar. There are lots of ways to customize SeekBar and here I have mentioned idea to customize SeekBar with the help of XML. To control the event handling method for SeekBar, you have to use seekBar.setOnSeekBarChangeListener(………….).

Android SeekBar Example
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Android Example: How to Customize Android SeekBar

Let’s start by creating seekbar_progressbar.xml file in your res/drawable directory and add this content.

And download the below seekbar-thumb.png image and paste it in your project drawable folder.

SeekBar thumb image

XML Layout File

Following is the xml layout file where I have added a and added some new attributes in SeekBar.

Java Activity File


Now, run your application, which looks like output given below.


Android Custom SeekBar Example

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