Android Application Development Tutorial

Introduction to Android:

Android is an open source Linux based mobile operating system for smart phones, tablet computers, televisions, cars, and wearable device, which is being led by Google. This android app development tutorial covers basic, medium and advance concept of android development.

Introduction to Android App Development:

This android tutorial is designed for beginners and experts. We will teach you basic android programming and some advanced concept also. Java is the native programming language to develop android application and XML is used to make user interface (UI) design. So, if you have the basic knowledge of java programming then it will be easy to learn and understand android app development. After completing this tutorial, you will be able to find solution by yourself and you will be able to implement something new in android application.

Android Tutorial - Learn to Develop Android Application

Android Application Development Tutorial

Here, you can get the tutorials to learn the android app development step by step in varieties of categories and from beginning level to the advanced level with enthusiasm to go for higher level.

Getting Started with Android App Development

  1. History, Version and API Level of Android 
  2. Download Android Studio Development Environment
  3. Installing Android Studio
  4. Adding Android SDK Packages
  5. Create and Run Virtual Device (Emulator)
  6. Building First Android Application with Android Studio(Hello World Example)

Android Layouts Tutorial with Example

  1. Android LinearLayout
  2. Android RelativeLayout
  3. Android TableLayout
  4. ScrollView in Android
  5. Android FrameLayout
  6. Android AbsoluteLayout

Android User Interface (UI)

  1. Android TextView
  2. ButtonView in Android
  3. ImageView in Android
  4. ImageButton Android
  5. Android EditText
  6. Toast Message in Android
  7. AlertDialog Android
  8. ActionBar Example
  9. Android Toolbar
  10. CheckBox in Android
  11. RadioButton Android
  12. Spinner in Android
  13. DatePicker Android Example
  14. TimePicker Android Example
  15. Android Switch Button
  16. Android ToggleButton
  17. DigitalClock in Android
  18. AnalogClock in Android
  19. Android TextClock
  20. CalendarView in Android
  21. RatingBar in Android

Other Android Useful Examples

Best Practices

  1. Android Custom Material Design Theme and Color
  2. How to Make Custom ActionBar
  3. How to Make Rounded Corners in Android Layout
  4. How to Make a Phone Call in Android
  5. How to Make a Phone Call in Android by Entering any Number
  6. How to Add Border to Android ImageView
  7. How to Rotate an Image in Android
  8. How to Rotate a Line in Android
  9. How to Align Android TextView in the Center of the Screen
  10. Programmatically Align Android TextView in the Center of the Screen
  11. Get Current Date in Android Programmatically
  12. Get Current Time in Android Programmatically
  13. How to Create Vertical and Horizontal Lines in Android Using XML
  14. Start New Activity When Button is Clicked
  15. How to Set Android Button and TextView Border Color
  16. How to Change Android Button on Click/Press Color
  17. News List XML UI Design with Image and Shot Description
  18. News List XML UI Design with Image
  19. How to Increase the Integer Value When Screen is Touched
  20. How to Increase the Integer Value When Button is Clicked
  21. Increase and Decrease the Integer Value When the Button is Clicked
  22. How to Load Image from URL (Internet) in Android
  23. How to Check Internet Connection in Android
  24. How to Make Android Basketball Score Counter(Scoreboard) App
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