There are lots of android applications which makes us easy to use android device. Different android users use different apps and games in their mobile and tablets according to their needs and interest. We have received many notifications from these apps and games, some notifications are useful for us but there are many unnecessary notifications like advertisement. While using others app unnecessary notifications disturb us. Now you don't worry about it, here I have described how to get rid of these unwanted notifications.

Google has been tweak how notifications have been managed with each and just about each single fresh variation of Android, and also a few manufacturers create their particular alterations, however, these directions should let you receive an deal on these in coming alarms. We will take a have a look at howto dam notifications to get programs in mobile variants that are several, however there's a means to block all and establish exceptions which will undergo. In Android 6.0 Marshmallow we have a fresh way to manage alarms and place times whenever they ought to really be muted.

Determined that which alarms you would like, you also are able to transform configurations for several programs or to get the entire telephone number. After you swipe from the peak of one's display notifications reveal. Some alarms may reveal onto dwelling display plus your own lock screen.

Some of this Android platform's advantages has been the technique. Some program developers appear to mistreat it in order to spam you enticements to flame their program up, and ordinary unnecessary upgrades. The answer will be to re install the applications, however imagine whether it truly is perhaps even a casino game title or an program which you like with? There needs to be an additional manner? Let us figure out.

How to Disable Unnecessary Notifications of Android Apps and Games

You can turn off any app and game notification from your android mobile and tablet, you just have to follow the following steps. Here I have used the YouTube application as an example to disable notification, you can follow same way for others application and game.

Note: You can only disable android apps and games notifications if you are using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above device.

Method 1: Step By Step Guide to Disable Android Apps and Games Notifications:

Step 1: Open Settings menu from your device home screen.

Setting: Disable Unnecessary Notifications of Android Apps and Games

Step 2: Hit Apps or Manage Apps from Setting menu.

Apps: Disable Unnecessary Notifications of Android Apps and Games

Step 3: Hit any apps you want to turn off notification.

YouTube: Disable Unnecessary Notifications of Android Apps and Games

Step 4: Uncheck the box "Show Notifications" and hit ok button.

How to Turn off Notifications of Android Apps and Games

Step 5: If you need notification you can re-enable notification by checking the box "Show Notification".

Show Notification | Turn off Notification: How to Disable Notifications of Android Apps and Games

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Method 2: Step By Step Guide to Disable Android Application and Games Notifications:

Just drag and drop the application whose notifications you want to turn off in to App Info and follow the above steps.

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