5 Best Free PDF Reader Application for Android Device

There are lots of PDF reader and viewer applications available for android. While searching for best PDF reader app for android, users install one by one then only find the best one. Now you don’t have to worry, we have researched for best and free PDF reader app for android. PDFs are useful for business documents, students, etc.

What is PDF and what can be contained inside PDF file/document?

In simple way, Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format which is easy to present and exchange documents independent of software, hardware, or operating system. PDFs can contain text, links, images, buttons, etc.

5 Best Free PDF Reader Application for Android Device

PDF reader helps us to read something like books, tutorials, business documents, and share documents through internet. So, here we will mention the best and free PDF file/document reader app for android devices.

1. Adobe Reader [Price: Free]


PDF Reader: Adobe Reader
One of the best PDF reader app for Android mobile is Adobe Reader. This is available for desktop version also and this app is much lighter for android phone without losing its any features. You can get it easily from google play store.


Features of Adobe Reader Android Application:

  •  Zooming documents using finger or the zoom button.
  • Search and scroll.
  • Open PDF files from email, web, etc.
  •  Make comment on PDFs using sticky notes and drawing tools.
  • Highlight and markup text.
  • Print, store, and share files from android device.


2. WPS Office + PDF [Price: Free]

Requires Android Version: 2.3 and above

PDF Reader: WPS Office + PDF Reader

WPS Office supports almost all file types like PDFs, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. WPS Office’s features are similar to PC Office like text and paragraph formatting, ability to add and edit image, shapes, tables and charts.

Features of WPS Office + PDF Android Application:

  • View any file types like PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, etc.
  • Easy file sharing through email, evernote, etc.
  •  Access documents from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive and WebDAV.
  • Supports different languages.


3. PDF Reader [Price: Free]

Requires Android Version: 2.3 and above

PDF Reader Android App: PDF Reader

As the app name, this application reads the PDF file. This app finds all books on android device and displays them.

Features of PDF Reader Android Application:

  • Night mode option.
  • Customize background and font color.
  • Send, share and bookmarks.


4. CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator [Price: Free/$49.99 per year]

Requires Android Version: 2.3 and above

PDF Reader Android App: CampScanner - Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner is different than other PDF reader apps. It scans, stores, syncs and collaborates on various contents across your phone. It has other more features like quick search, extract texts from image, share PDF and JPEG files, print and fax, etc.


5. Google PDF Viewer [Price: Free]

Requires Android Version: 4.0 and above

PDF Reader Android App: Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer includes all the capabilities of the Drive base viewer like view, search, copying text and printing from PDF documents. This application is now available in play store and you can install it in android 4.0 and above device only.
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