How to Remove/Delete Android Project from Android Studio

Android Studio is popular IDE for android application development and some new android developers face trouble to remove or delete a project from the Android Studio. There are many ways to remove or delete a project from Android Studio. Here, I am going to describe some easy ways to delete or remove android project from Android Studio.

Remove From Project Directory

To remove android studio project from project directory, follow the following simple instructions.

Step 1: Go to your android project directory.

Step 2: Select the project which you want to delete.

Remove/Delete Android Project from Project Directory

Step 3: Just press delete button from key board.

Delete Project from Android Studio

Here are simple ways to delete android studio project from android studio.

Step 1: Open android studio.

Step 2: Open android project which you want to delete.

Step 3: Click Delete from edit menu, which looks like this.

Android Studio Edit Menu
Android Studio

That’s all. Above, I have mentioned how to delete/remove android project from android studio.
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