5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

In today's highly competitive market playground, businesses – small or big – must find ways to stay ahead of the curve. With mobility and mobile-dependence increasing at an exponential rate each day, a mobile app is definitely one of the sure-fire ways to for a business to widen its reach and gain considerable influence over the market. Given these facts, a mobile application should therefore be built with the utmost care to not let it fade into insignificance among the hundred thousand other apps that are in the market.

Given today's fierce competition, hiring a mobile app developer or agency requires a careful vetting process that involves knowing exactly what you should need and expect from them. To that end, here is a list of five questions that you should ask a prospective app development company that you are planning to hire.

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Mobile App Developers

1. What is your previous experience? Can I see a published app from your portfolio?

This should be one of your primary concerns while taking on a new developer. Knowing how long they have been in the business can give you an idea of how capable they will be of taking your app on. In addition to that, asking them about apps that have been published will give you an assessment of their ability to give you exactly what your business needs. A good developer/agency will provide these details, complete with working app store links, with no hesitation.

2. Can I speak directly to a few of your previous clients?

Word-of-mouth and personal recommendation can do far more for a company's standing than anything else. Ask your prospective agencies for some of their recent references. Talking to their clients can help you gauge the kind of relationships they forged during the projects: will they be responsive enough when you need them to be or if are they realistic in setting up their milestones and sticking to them? Any reluctance to provide these freely is a red flag.

3. Tell us about your communication strategy during development.

One of the major factors that will determine the success of your app is your agency's ability to understand your business objectives thoroughly. A good company will ask a good number of questions, to ensure they are on the same page as you. They will not leave anything up to interpretation or assumption. During the development process, they will keep an open channel of communication to show you that all your requirements are being addressed and any roadblocks they run into are honestly conveyed during the process.

4. What are the core services you offer during development?

A good development team will offer everything from business analysis, development, QA beta testing and even, marketing. One key factor you need to also look at is the amount of importance that is given to making your app's design. Remember, that no matter how unique your app is, if the UI is clunky and difficult to use, it will not succeed. Extensive research on a company's previous projects is always a good idea: do the products they have developed comply with the latest standards? Do they have experience working with the latest tools and frameworks for development?

5. Will you provide any post-development/release support?

As we've said before, you need a long-term contingency plan for your mobile app. What comes next after your app has been published is probably just as, if not more, crucial. Bug-fixes and improvements will be inevitable, and you'll need to be able to address them as soon as you can. The longer the post-development support offered, the better you can trust their reliability.

Finding the right developer for your project does indeed come with a fair amount of risks, and in a way, does need a certain amount of trust to go with it. But, going in forearmed and forewarned will aid you in discerning what's right for your project.

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