Top 7 Libraries Every Android Developer Should Know

Though a small mobile phone in you hand looks simple and small. Have you ever wondered the fact that everything you can do in your handset has been possible by that large number of coding?  From having a touch effect to being able to run an application on that small phone has pages of language written. It has taken developers years to design a perfect coding for and android. They have been successful in a large manner but still don’t seem to be satisfied.  With every passing day a new page of code is coded and few libraries are added to allow your android for better functioning. So being a developer, approaching few best libraries is a basic thing to do.

Android libraries are just not so vast as is sound. Many of the themes, just adding a single line can add many functioning in your application. A code of one line can make your application communicate better, add a dragger, check the memory leakage and most importantly makes things logical and add annotation.

Top 7 Libraries Every Android Developer Should Know

Android libraries are available in large umber and easy to use. These different libraries have different features for you. But there are some regarded as best or most necessary for developers to approach due to their basic extraordinary functioning. We have analyzed a lot of such libraries to select these seven for you.


For an android user, communication between applications they use is important.  This decouples event sender and recivers to simplify the communication. It claims that with few codes of EventBus you don’t need to you do not need to implement a single interface.
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This one is also the creation of github that changes your HTTP API into java script. So is the best solution for organization if API calls into a project.  The relative URL is added with annotation which by which you can add other parameters and manipulation as well.
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Leak Canary

This one is memory leak detection libraries designed for androids and Java. With just adding few lines to your exiting coding pages you can get to check and balance all the memory leaking spots. This apache listened library is something that you must approach as a developer.
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This one allows you to save and retrieve SQlite database without actually coding SQ. So, you can get and neatly wrapped data base, even without writing a single line.  It claims to take care of all setup and messy stuffs with simple sets of configuration.
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With the space coverage of just 100kb this github library has two parts that is dragger library and dragger compiler. It uses java. Inject annotation for making it portable. It is not fast and fancy but lightweight and simple enough to contain every necessary logics and some annotation.
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It gives asynchronous library that allows hassle-free image loading in our android application with a coding of one single line.  It handles image view recycling, complex image transformation, including automatic memory and disk caching. It gives best API but supposed to be weaker in customization.
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Butter knife
This one was designed by Jake Wharton. This is a view binding library. It uses annotation process to generate boilerplate code to make things easier for you. It permits you for multiple views groups in a list.
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Being a developer is not an easy job. You need to understand the need of time and technology. Being up to dated is something basic for you as a developer. Android libraries are something just too basic for you to know. If you can understand the uses and effects of some libraries can give to your application, you can get a better result. Each library has its own unique features and way to perform its task.  Some are vast and some are of just few lines. Some can make your app work better while other may be unnecessary burden. So being a developer you much know to use the best android libraries.
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