Top 7 Best Place to Hire Android Developer

Hiring is always associated with a headache for most of the people. And, when it comes to online hiring, the problem is twice as big as offline hiring. Because, in offline hiring, you meet the candidate in person and this gives you a confidence that you can easily evaluate his/her skills. But, in online hiring, you will not meet the developer in person. So, there will always be a question in your mind regarding the ability of the developer.

Again, when it comes to Android developers, your doubts increase. This is because, there are many android developers in the online marketplace who do not possess the required skills needed by an android developer. Therefore, in order to trust an android developer, you need to see his/her qualifications or past record.

Top 7 Best Place to Hire Android Developer

Top 7 Best Place to Hire Android Developer

Now, there are some online platforms that make it easy for you to find the perfect Android developer. Here, we will look into the top 7 platforms to hire android developers.

10 Best Places to Find Freelance Android Jobs


Toptal is one of the freelancing platforms that strictly focus on the quality. Here, you will get access to the top 3% of the developers around the globe. Toptal’s selection criterion is very different from rest of the platforms. No freelancer can just register and start accepting orders. Each and every members have to pass through a rigorous screening test before being eligible to accept orders.

Consequently, the top talents get filtered from the rest. If you want an app for your business or enterprise, you can prefer Toptal. Coming to the downside, it does not provide a mobile app for you to access Toptal.


Gigster is very similar to Toptal. It has developers who have had got a chance to attend some of the top universities of the world like MIT and Stanford or worked in tech giants like Google and Microsoft. Now you can guess the quality of work you can get from the developers. Another point where it is different from rest of the platforms is its interaction with developers.

Here, you will not interact directly with the developers, instead, you will interact with product managers who act as bridge between you and Gigster developers.


Upwork is one of the largest marketplaces for android developers.  Here, lakhs of android developers around the globe are brought closer to you. This is a great platform that also assists you with the recruitment process.

It gives you complete relief form the glitches you face while selecting an android developer. In its pro user pack, it packs an HR for you. This will automatically select an android developer who is best for your project. So, forget all the worries and stay relaxed.


If you are looking for a budget friendly android developer for your app, you should prefer Freelancer. There are a very large number of android developers already working on Freelancer. Here, you will get a wide category of android developers starting from simple app developers providing personal solutions to professional developers providing generic apps.

Although it is a very good platform, it also has some downsides. First, there are many android developers with a fake profile. Second, good quality android developers are a bit overpriced.


Guru also has a large global network of freelancers. With over 1.5 million Gurus, it becomes easy for you to choose the best android guru who can perfectly complete your project in time. Whether, it is your college project or an app for your blog, you can easily find a guru for it.

Even though Guru is a very reputed marketplace, it is also vulnerable to quality issues. You will have to examine the developer yourself.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is almost similar to Upwork. Here, freelance developers get paid at an hourly rate. The feature that makes it different is, it holds contests. This platform is known for its ease of posting jobs, contacting freelancers and paying for hours worked through a safe and secure payment system.

The main advantage of People Per Hour is that, it not only finds remote freelancer, but also, it finds local freelancers for you. This can improve your trust on the freelancer.

Linkedin Profinder

It is the freelancing platform provided by LinkedIn. Not to mention, LinkedIn is the best platform for displaying your qualifications to the whole world. Now, when you see the complete qualifications of a developer, you can easily decide whether to choose him/her or not.
Linkedin Profinder

These were the top 7 platforms upon which you can rely for your android development projects. Whether you app is a personal app limited to your usage or a generic app like an app for your website which will be used by the people around the globe, you can always get developers ready to complete your project. Finally, you have to choose an android developer with all your active senses and your eyes open. Best of Luck for your new app. Thank You.

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