Android Cleveroad introduces Sliding Tutorial Library

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Cleveroad Introduces Sliding Tutorial Library for Android

Hey guys, hope you haven’t started developing a tutorial for your Android app yet, as we have already completed a part of your job. Don’t worry, we act from good motives only.
Our aim is to help you create a sliding tutorial in a fast and simple manner. So we’ve done some work and voila!. A simple Android Sliding Tutorial library is at your service.
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The invention is going to ease the problem of structural design but not to limit a stretch of your imagination at the same time. We took care of the suitability aspect. So, your app is not going to look alien among other Android elements.


To include this library to your project add dependency in build.gradle file:
    dependencies {
        implementation "com.cleveroad:slidingtutorial:1.0.9"

Download From GitHub

Download Full Project Code From GitHub
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