Android Horizontal Swipe WebView

We have yet again come up with a simple yet game-changing android library. These libraries shall provide a better user experience without having to excessively spend time on android development. WebView is a trending feature to must-have in a certain category of android applications.

The Android-Horizontal-swipe-WebView android library makes the vertical swipe into horizontal scrolling. The library makes it possible for users to experience the feel of reading an actual article, newspaper or stories and many more. The Horizontal Swipe might seem like a small feature in the WebView library world, but for users, it is a better change as it allows them to experience the use of the website as a real book, paper or article.

The Custom Webview implements horizontal swipes in android webView. The class HorizontalWebView converts the webpage to enable scrolling horizontally for paging animation.


As the gif below presents you with how the WebViewHorizontal works. Instead of having to scroll down inside webView, it enable a horizontal scrolling of webView.

Alt text


The horizontal scroll library might just be the easiest in terms of implementation or usage in your android application.

With these 3 lines of code you will be able to use the awesome feature of the horizontal scroll library:

HorizontalWebView wv = findViewById(R.id.web_view);
wv.loadUrl("file:///android_asset/ch03.html"); // give the source from assets
Download complete project source code from GitHub
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