Android Tinder Cards Swipe Effect with Flutter

 The card swipe designs are getting popular these days. After, the famous application tinder the swipe cards are bein implemented in carious other social networks and applications. We are here with a tinder card swiped effect for your card view in android. This project uses flutter for implying the card swipe effect. The design interface is similar to tinder.

The card swipe is an engaging feature to have in android applications. Not only the feature can have use in social media but also in many different platforms. Instead of having users scroll down, a better alternative is to have them swipe from one content to another. So, if you’re looking for a card swipe design this might perfectly suit your projects.

The developer has created a phenomenal clone of the tinder swipe effect. The animations are soothing and also responsive to all the touches. The design is made with flutter. And, you can see the preview of the tinder swipe design below. Clearly, the design is astonishing with a great ability to ensure a good user experience.


Focus for Reddit preview

The preview provides the perfect simple on how the design actually works. The stacked cards are swiped one after another by the user. And, the card stack keeps on getting updated on the position of each one. The drag of the user executes a function until release which makes the swipe count.

Focus for Reddit preview

Another preview but this time with an actual tinder interface. Undoubtedly, the swipe effects are appealing. The cards are easily moved and follow the touch direction. The design is perfectly designed to have a great user experience.

Download complete project source code from GitHub

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