Android menus are important and common user interface component. Menus are used in many types android application. Menus can be used in different place, different ways and different style. We can customize menus according to our needs. Previously we are posted some tutorials about android action bar menu example, custom menu tutorial, floating action menu and many more. And in this tutorial, you will learn to make android bottom menu with slide up animation effect.

To implement bottom menu in android you have to do what actually done while implementing actionbar /appbar/ toolbar drop down menu.

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Android Example: Bottom Menu Example with SlideUp Animation Effect

To add bottom menu in android application first we are going to add compile 'com.cocosw:bottomsheet:[email protected]' dependencies in project build.gradle file. Build.gradle file will look like below.


Create a new XML menu file android_bottom_menu_item.xml inside res/menu/ folder and add menu items with id, title and icon. Following is the complete content of android_bottom_menu_item.xml file.


Now time to work in java activity file. Open your java activity file and following java code. You can add anything you need when button/menu item click in TODO place.


And add a button in your XML layout file to show bottom menu when button is clicked. Following is the content of XML layout file.


Android Example: Bottom Menu Example with SlideUp Animation Effect

Now, run your Android Bottom/Footer Menu Example with SlideUp Animation application and click on Show Bottom Menu button, you will see bottom menu with slide up animation effect.

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