Android Material Design with Design Support Library

Google introduced new design guidelines for android application and others which is called Material Design with the release of android lollipop 5.0 and also introduced the Android Design Support Library for android developers. With this library, we can easily implement lots of component in our android application. This library includes Floating Action Button (FAB), Navigation View, Floating Labels for EditText, Snackbar, Tabs, etc. Here, you will learn to use these components in android apps using design support library.

Android Material Design with Design Support Library

Adding Android Design Support Library Dependencies

Let’s start by adding design and appcompat support dependencies in android project build.gradle file. After adding support library dependencies build.gradle file looks like this.

Android Material Design Tutorial with Design Support Library

Following are the android material design tutorials using design support library. Practice them one by one.

1. Android Navigation Drawer View: Material Design Support Library

2. Floating Action Button (FAB) Using Android Design Support Library

3. Android Floating Labels for EditText Using Design Support Library

4. Android Snackbar Using Design Support Library

5. Navigation View - Android Sliding Menu with WebView

6. Android CardView Example

7. Animated Android Toolbar With Appbar Background Image

8. Adding Floating Action Button (FAB) Between Two Widgets or Layouts

9. Animated Android Toolbar (Expanding and Collapsing)

10. How to Hide Toolbar/AppBarLayout When Content Scroll

11. Android Material Design Tabs Using TabLayout

12. DrawerLayout/ Navigation Drawer View Over Android ActionBar/ToolBar

13. Adding Ripple Effect/Animation on Android Image View

14. Dashboard UI Design for Android App

15. Android Material Design Login Form XML UI Design

16. How to Implement Ripple Effect in Android
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