What To Do To Not Be Just Another Android App Programmer?

There are billions of Android apps available in the Google Play, and obviously, all have not received a fair share of attention that must to call an app a successful one. This is the reason you cannot afford to be just another android app programmer who will is lost in the dust. You need to whet your skills to deliver an app which becomes in demand.

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How to Become a Successful Android Developer

Let's find out what can we do to become a perfect/successful android developer!

Learn Java

As Android is built on Java, therefore you need to have a very strong grasp of Java programming. As there are numerous technologies for developing Java applications, however, the most in demand is your native development that works in Java, and we have IDE's such as Eclipses, and now we have Android Studio.

When we speak of being comfortable with Java, you need not just to be aware of the development but also the latest trends in the programming. Regardless to say you need to have the basic grasp of all the structures and syntax and programming structures of the language. Further, you need to be well aware of the loops, control structures, variable, lists, and object-oriented concepts such as classic and static methods and other object-oriented programming techniques. Now it is not just the programming acumen that you need to possess as you also need to be good at the documentation that will tell you how to use good parts of Java SDK. Continuous learning is a key strategy thing that a developer needs to possess.

Hold on the Standard Development Kit

Standard development toolkit for Android has made the development easy for the developers. However, there are a few things that you need to know before adopting Android app development:

  • Data Storage
  • A rudimentary grasp of views and layouts
  • User input
  • Activities and their lifecycle
  • Collection views (like ListViews) and Adapters (default and custom)
  • Action Bar
  • Fetching out data from the web
  • Ability to adjust to screens of different sizes and densities

Moreover, you also need to be prepared to make something that is beyond your expectations thus you must be comfortable using documentations of Android, so as to start with a new part of SDK whenever required. Moreover, you also need to be comfortable using the debugger of your IDE to code reliably which do not comprise of bugs.

Knowledge of Database

There are several projects that will require you to contribute to the back-end systems as well. Though it might be a completely different field that you need to enter as the back-end skills, differ so much as there are systems such as.Net, Rails, NodeJS, Django and several others. This requires you to learn a lot to attain perfection.

However, make sure that this does not dishearten you to advance in the field of Android App development. This is just to make you perfect in the field of development. Moreover, at times all, you need to get comfortable with the syntaxes and syntaxes of the language as the basic concepts always remain the same. Wherefore, you do not need to be masters of all these technologies but having a grasp will help you to save time as you do not have to run to the database programmers for every small little thing. If you have a grasp of them, then you will be able to make little changes in the APIs yourself, and it will also allow you to make the app the way you wish to.

Do not for GITHUB

GIT version control is a very useful platform and is almost used in every reputed firm, moreover, it does not get affected by the platform on which you have developed your code. As this platform is very vast thus, you cannot be a perfectionist who will eventually comes with time, wherein what you can do it's to know how to work on it efficiently. These platforms help in working in a team; thus, you need to learn to work on it if you know that you have to work in a team.

A passionate programmer can do wonders

Passion is something that is a prime requisite for any job, moreover, when it comes to the highly technical job that requires utmost dedication and precision required a lot of passion. Moreover, which employer does not like a passionate employee who is self-motivated to develop the best product for the organization.

However, you do not have to use the word passion literally to show that you are a passionate worker that will rather sound that you are trying to concoct a cock and bull story that you are passionate. Try to try indirectly to make a point that you are passionate.

The best part is to convey the employer that you possess the zest and zeal to develop the app that you need. You need to show the employer that it's not the stereotypical development that you are interested in, but your level expands to more analytical as well as innovative aspects. Assure them you believe in expanding your skills and are nimble enough to adjust to new technologies.

Where to showcase your talent?

There is such a vast community of developers that opens up a wide avenue where we can get a lot of resources to improve your skills as a developer. Some of the most visited tutorials are Stack Overflow, Android Dev subreddit, Android Weekly, and many more. You can learn and get updated with android programming with our tips and tricks, examples and tutorials at free of cost.

ViralAndroid: Free Android App Development Tutorial and Android User Interface (UI) Design Tutorial, Udemy: Android Video Tutorials, Lynda.com: Android Training Tutorials, Official Android Developer Video Tutorials, Harvard Extension School: Building Mobile Applications and several others this can be the best of all the development. If you are a beginner, then you can go for official Android Developers website of Google which states Building Your First App module. There are also an ample lot of videos available on YouTube that can prove to be very useful. Moreover, you do not like to learn online then there are books such as Android Programming: Pushing the Limits, Java: A Beginner’s Guide and several others available at your service.

If you professionally want to market yourself as an Android app developer, then you need to go on professional social networks so as to maintain a social network such as LinkedIn, and others. Here you can display all your stellar works as they allow you to maintain your personal portfolio online. Further, there are websites such as GitHub and Behance where you can also put up your work. You can also maintain a very good account of Q & A websites such as Quora. Further, you can make use of LinkedIn groups and Twitter chats.
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