How to Get Android Hardware and System Information Programmatically

The android hardware and system information is different from device to device. You can find your android device info manually in About device section of settings. In this tutorial, you will learn to get android device system and hardware information programmatically. We will focus on some of the properties like serial number, model no, id, android SDK, brand, manufacture, version code, etc.

There are many other info you can get from a android device but here we will focus on some of the android properties. To get system info, we are going to add a button and a textview to display information of android device when button is clicked.

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There are different methods to retrieve the platform related information of the device programmatically. To obtain the hardware and software related information of an android device that runs your application, follow the following steps. Here we will only display information in TextView but you can also track to your server. You can get info like;

  • CPU Manufacturer
  • Model and serial number
  • SD Card Manufacturer
  • Camera Manufacturer and other related specs
  • Bluetooth related information
  • WiFi related information
  • Display vendor and model

How to Get Android Hardware and System Information Programmatically

Android Example: Getting Android Hardware and System Information Programmatically

Create a new android project with project name AndroidSystemInfo packagecom.viralandroid.androidsysteminfo.

XML Layout File

Open your activity_main.xml file and add a Button and TextView with different id. TextView is used to display device info when we click the button. Following is the complete code XML layout file.


Java Activity File

Open your MainActivity.java activity file and define button and textview that we have created above in xml layout file. To get and display system info, see the following code.


And colors.xml, styles.xml file will look like below;



You have done all things. Now, run your application by clicking run button and click Get Android System Info button; you will see all information below the button like the screenshot presented above.
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