Material Ripple Effect/Animation in Android With Code

Previously we have already posted some ripple effect/animation tutorial post like ripple effect to android buttons, ripple effect to android images/imageview, etc. But this time, I am going to use/implement material ripple effect to android using RippleEffect library.

It’s very easy to implement material ripple effect/animation in android using open source libraries. If you want to add material ripple effect in your app without using any library, you have to write much code and time consuming.

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Android Example: How to Implement Material Ripple Effect/Animation

Open build.gradle file of your app project and add compile 'com.github.traex.rippleeffect:library:1.3' as dependency. Build.gradle file will look like below.


Now open your application XML layout file and add layout/widgets inside <com.andexert.library.RippleView>  … </ com.andexert.library.RippleView>. Following is the complete content of XML layout file.


That’s all. Run your Material Ripple Effect/Animation in Android application and click on any color box, you will see what it actually look. You can add any widgets/components like this.
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