We make applications and we need their screenshot to upload in stores and share to our friends and clients. When we are seeing application in real device, we can take screenshot from our mobile and tablet and still in some device may not available default screenshot feature. In this post I will show you how to take Android App Screenshot from Android Studio. And in android virtual device or emulator, screenshot can’t be taken directly. So, to take screenshot of the android app in android emulator and real device, android studio is here for us.

From android studio, screenshot of app in both real device and android emulator can be taken. Here I am going to explain idea of taking screenshot step by step.

How to Take Screenshot of Android Application From Android StudioHow to Take Screenshot From Android Studio

Taking screenshot from android studio is very easy and screen can be taken in any android emulator or any real device, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open android studio and run your application just by clicking run button.

Step 2: After running your application, click Android tab on the left bottom of android studio. That will bring up the DDMS window and it looks like screenshot given below.

Android Studio DDMS window

Step 3: Now click Screen Capture icon on the left side of Android DDMS tool window and it looks like screenshot given below.

Android Studio- Screen Capture

Step 4: After clicking Screen Capture icon there appears new window with screenshot image of your application it looks like screenshot given below.

Android Studio Screen Capture

Note:  If you need to add a device frame around your screenshot, enable the frame screenshot option and choose different device.

Step 5: Now click Save button and choose directory to save your screenshot.

That’s all, you have done successfully. Don’t forgot to post your comment below.

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