Android Dropdown Menu Example

In this tutorial, I am going to show you to create a simple dropdown menu in android application. A dropdown menu is a user interface and it is also known as popup menu in android.

To display dropdown menu in android here I have used a button in xml layout file and menu items in res/menu/dropdown_menu.xml file. When users click the button, menu items appear below the button.

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DropDown Menu Example: How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Android

Create a new android project and add the following:

XML Layout File


To add drop down menu items you have to create a new menu file in res/menu/ directory.

Dropdown Menu Items


Java Activity File


Strings.xml File

Default content of strings.xml file looks like this.

AndroidManifest.xml File

AndroidManifest.xml file of android dropdown project looks like this.

That’s all. Now, run your drop down menu example android application and click the Show DropDown Menu button, which will look like the output given below.


DropDown Menu Example: How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Android
Android DropDown Menu Example

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